Make More Money in Your Practice: 3 Income Generating Activities to Share Your Expertise with Colleagues

The more seasoned you become in your profession, the more you can become a resource for your colleagues – colleagues who are less experienced than you are or colleagues who have experience and may want to add your particular area of expertise to their repertoire.

And sharing your expertise with them can create multiple income streams for you in your practice.

Here Are 3 Income Generating Activities to Share Your Expertise with Colleagues:


If your profession is licensed, it probably has more than one level of licensure.  The first level may be a “graduate level” in which a newly minted professional needs to practice under the supervision of a fully licensed professional.  This level usually requires close and effective supervision and documentation of hours spent in supervision in order for the graduate professional to sit for another licensing exam.  Your supervision will be fee based and your fees should reflect not only direct supervision time but time spent in keeping documentation, completing forms, etc.

Another form of supervision is for those who are already licensed but want to increase their skill level in your area of expertise.  For example, a few years ago, I supervised psychotherapists who were not primarily play therapists but had children as clients in their caseload.  They were well-versed in psychotherapeutic principles but needed to build skills in working specifically with children.

If you are in a non-licensed profession and in solo practice, all of the above applies.  You can also serve in the capacity of supervisor to those who are just learning the ropes or who may be experienced and launching into a solo practice.  For newly minted professionals, you are the seasoned clinician who can accelerate the learning curve.  For those who are venturing into solo practice, you are the voice of experience that can help them make the transition from employee to solo professional with less bumps and bruises and costly mistakes.

You can either provide one-on-one supervision or group supervision.  Though group supervision increases your hourly earnings, it can also be more demanding.  Decide which model is most comfortable for you.

Continuing Education Classes

Those who are in licensed professions usually have to earn continuing education units (CEUs) in order to renew their licenses every renewal period.  This is an excellent opportunity for you, the seasoned clinician, to share your expertise and get paid for it.

Several years ago, while teaching in the Continuing Education Department of the university from which I received my Masters degree, I decided to turn the one day course I developed and taught through them into a 2-day workshop.  I wanted to go into much more depth and offer experiential exercises that I could not offer in the one-day model.  The CE Department didn’t have a non-compete clause so I was free to do so.  (Make sure that if you do teach through an institution, you don’t sign away your rights to your own material and your ability to offer your course under your own auspices.)

I contacted my licensing board and got the paperwork to apply, filled it out and sent in a course outline.  The course was approved for 12 CEUs.  I developed the material to be taught, designed the experiential exercises, bought or made the materials to be used in the class and found a beautiful venue at which to teach the two-day workshop.  AND just as importantly, I had to market the workshop.  I bought a list of therapists in my state from my licensing board, developed a mailer about the workshop and then had a mailing party.  I kept track of all sign ups and payments.  If you think this sounds like a lot of work, it was, but the bulk of it only had to be done once and I could use my course and marketing materials over and over (tweaking as needed).  I enjoy writing and developing courses and I LOVE marketing, so the process for me was very satisfying.

You can also develop a CEU class and approach a seminar company through which to offer it.  For those of you who would rather not do the marketing, this is an excellent way to get paid for your expertise without the added work of marketing it.  Seminar companies have a large database of professionals to market to – far more than you may ever have access to.

Professional Certification Programs

In most professions – whether licensed or not – there is usually an extensive period of professional training to be completed.  But once in-depth training is completed, learning does not and should not end. But often those who want to learn more or go into more depth in their field face a knowledge vacuum.  They would like to go beyond CEU courses and add skills to their repertoire that could help them earn more and satisfy their need to grow as professionals.

In addition, as you’ve grown more experienced, you have also developed a system for practicing your profession or certain techniques in your profession that has brought you much success as you have served your clients.  Your signature system can be turned into a certification program and is a great avenue for additional income. 

You can create your own certification program under your own auspices – you do not have to have a governing body certify you to certify others.  You develop criteria and standards based on your own proprietary system and when people complete those and demonstrate a proficiency in delivering your system, you certify them.

Any seasoned, reputable solo professional can do this for a system she has developed.  No, you can’t teach someone else’s system and then certify people in it unless you are hired as a certified trainer for that system. But you can develop, teach and certify your own system, just like any of the major certification programs that exist today in numerous disciplines.

Be sure to check with an intellectual property attorney once you have your signature system developed to determine if you are staying in the boundaries of certification and not encroaching into more complex legal territory.  But also meet with the attorney to determine the best way to protect your intellectual property.  You want to make sure that no one encroaches on your brain child.


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